Virtual Villagers: A New Home is the first game in the Virtual Villagers series.


The berries that the villagers start with will provide less and less food as time passes, and even though they regenerate this only happens very slowly. So when the population will increase, there will be a dire need of more food sources, and for these you will need both scientists researching new technology and eventually builders clearing some obstacles that are in the way of the inexhaustible food source. Note that the first crops will not be immediately ready to be harvested, there will be a delay during which berries and mushrooms will remain the only available food source.


  • The Well: your tribe has fresh, clean water!
  • The Hut: Your village can support a larger population.
  • The Beach: The ocean is much more accessible now.
  • The School: Children will now be born with more skills.
  • The Lagoon: The water now flows freely providing a pristine, pure stream. The waters of the lagoon may be the key to more than one mystery for your villagers.
  • The Magic Fish of Fertility: This delicious and rare fish is the Fish of Fertility. Your trive now enjoys greater success at breeding!
  • The Cemetery: your villagers designed an appropriate resting place for elders and others who have passed on to the next life.
  • Herb Mastery: your villagers have mastered their healing powers. Your healers are more effective than ever!
  • The Garden: Your villagers are astounded by its beauty. The stunning beauty of these flowers is uplifting to all of your villagers!
  • The Magic Plant of Life: Your villagers live longer than ever!
  • The Temple: this is how the stone temple once looked in the distant past...
  • The Idol: It's as if the idol was always there, just waiting to be revealed.
  • The Golden Child: A miracle! One of your villagers gave birth to a special, golden child! No one can doubt or deny his powers! Behold the Golden Child!
  • The Butterflies: The Golden Child called forth a group of beautiful butterflies to grace the new garden!
  • The Treasure: one of your villagers uncovered a buried treasure!
  • The Cave: The magical Golden Child moved the giant boulder and opened the cave! Maybe more clues about Isola's mysteries are waiting to be found inside...

Golden Child Edit

The Golden Child's actions are quite random, and can include:

  • Creating food (150)
  • Replenishing berries and crop fields (400)
  • Throwing a party